Mallow Blossom Bath

Susanne Kaufmann

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Susanne Kaufmann Mallow Blossom Bath.

The Mallow Blossom Bath features a blend of essential oils including rosemary, sage and cedarwood to relax and unwind busy minds as well as calming lavender extract and hydrating mallow extract, known for its moisturizing properties, to protect against skin dryness and soothe irritation and redness.

This luxurious bubble bath is the perfect way to melt away stress and anxiety and restore feelings of calm and balance.


Pour 30ml under warm running water to create a luxurious bubble bat

Relax in the warm water for up to 30 minutes and let the nourishing plant extracts soothe your body and senses.

After your bath, wrap yourself up in your favorite blanket and elevate your legs a little on a few cushions for a couple of minutes. The perfect way to complete your little home spa treatment.


Due to the use of active, natural ingredients, this product may appear cloudy.



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