Pocket Mixture Brush

Mason Pearson


Mason Pearson Pocket Mixture Brush in Black. All of the benefits of the classic Popular Mixture Brush in a convenient, take-along size. The brush includes 5 rings of tufts incorporating both boar and nylon bristles. Shorter boar bristles focus on cleaning and polishing the hair cuticle while the longer "spired" nylon filaments are stiff enough to reach through denser hair to collect and distribute the natural oils that add body and shine.


The Mason Pearson brush was first developed over 100 years ago, and still maintains its original design. Each brush features a unique rubber cushion pad, and is hand-assembled and hand-finished for ultimate comfort. Brushing with a Mason Pearson helps disperse sebum from the root along the hair strand, strengthening and protecting the hair.

The Pocket Mixture Brush measures 6.75" length.