Founded in 2014, Paintbox is a modern manicure studio in New York, reinventing the nail salon experience with a curated but approachable point of view of seasonal nail art collections. The visual identity is built around a logo designed to work as a frame, hinting to the showcase aspect of nail art, while also doubling as a box, a nod to the name of the brand. The adaptive aspect of the logo was introduced to bring playfulness to an otherwise minimal identity: as the logo maintains the illusion of its square shape even when the words are distanced from one another, it leaves room for play across printed and digital implementations, fitting the logo to the surfaces it's applied on.
In 2018, the salon’s identity was expanded to embody the brand’s expansion into a product line of nail polishes: sold individually or as duos — the Power Couples — the packaging concept embodies the considered, playful approach to color theory that’s become a Paintbox trademark.