Staff Picks: Leila Nyandusi

Where can we find you this summer? Reading at the rooftop garden at Austin Central Public Library.

Did you grow up in Austin? Yes!

Most treasured possessions: I never leave my house without lavender essential oil.

Favorite brands at ByGeorge: The Row is the epitome of understated elegance. Dries Van Notten is great for a funky blouse or captivating print dress.

Idea of perfect happiness: Perfectly ripe banana.

Quality you most admire in a person? Kind, self aware

Favorite color and flower: Lavender or sage green. I’ve never seen a peony that didn’t grab my heart.



Dina Dress by Khaite
I’ve never felt more like royalty than when I wear this dress. The vibrant red, the black lace detail along the hem, the dramatic shoulders… Best dress for making an entrance.

Caftan by Two New York
So featherweight it feels like you’re naked. Easy, breezy beautiful. Striking colors. Need I say more?

Hammock Drawstring Bag by Loewe
Multifunctional (can be worn at least four ways!) and the perfect size for every-day and event wear.

Jo Sweater by Khaite
This cardinal blue sweater by Khaite is the only long-sleeved knit I’d consider wearing in humid Austin weather. When the temperature cools in the evening, throw on this lightweight cashmere.

Pumpa Dress by Simon Miller
Summer picnic table but make it fashion.