Staff Picks: Alexandra

Alexandra Valenti is the Photographer and Art Director for ByGeorge

1. Gigi Burris Millinery, Requiem Fedora, “Gigi Burris Millinery makes real stunners. My birthday is in 8 months…just sayin’.”

2. Acne Studios, Angelica Trench Coat, “When a trench is this INSANELY PERFECT, what do you do? There are 2 options: You buy it. Or, you get someone else to buy it for you.”

3. Frank & Eileen, Barry Shirt in blue/white, “I have so many shirts from this line. I can’t get enough. Someone stop me! The fit is flattering. The cotton is so soft. And they have 1,000 different versions of this shirt, so you don’t have to be a copycat.”

4. Rodin, Olio Lusso Luxury Body Oil in Lavender, “So many people swear by Rodin, and I’m a sucker for a solid recommendation. Plus, it smells incredible.”

5. Céline, Medium Frame Bag in Navy/Claycourt, “Again. I just CAN’T with this bag. I have a Céline bag I carry every day. And its days are numbered because…LOOK AT THIS THING!!!”

6. Saint Laurent, Babies Loulou Ankle Boots in Army Green, “YSL never hurt anybody. And I mean, never. In fact, these boots would make life immeasurably better. I’m certain of it.”