Weissbad Whitening Mouthwash


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vVARDIS Weissbad Whitening Mouthwash in Soft Mint.
Weissbad fluoride mouthwash revitalizes tooth enamel and guards against cavities for a healthier, sparkling smile. From the first use, Weissbad helps protect your teeth against acid erosion, stains, and discoloration from food and drink. And it instantly freshens your breath for all-day confidence. Alcohol-free Weissbad won’t dry your mouth or irritate sensitive areas. It safely brightens natural teeth, crowns, and veneers.


After brushing, swirl half a capful of vVARDIS Weissbad Mouthwash vigorously through the teeth and around the inside of the mouth before expectorating.


WX Formula represents a radically new solution to both whitening and helping to protect the teeth. It is the first tooth whitener that is even good for your teeth. In combination with fluoride, WX Formula mimics the enamel’s natural remineralization process, helping to strengthen it, and protect it from acid erosion, and against cavities.