Windsor Mahogany Gift Set

D. R. Harris

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D. R. Harris Mahogany Shaving Gift Set in Windsor.

This luxurious wet-shaving gift contains a traditional Shaving Bowl in sustainably sourced mahogany effect sheesham wood paired with a high quality shaving brush which has been designed and made for D. R. Harris exclusively by one of the top British brush makers. The solid Windsor scented shaving soap is of the finest quality and has been triple-milled to increase the richness and luxuriousness of the lather. Incredibly economical, each soap will last for several months.


To use, wet the beard with warm water then apply a wet shaving brush to the soap. Finally, lather up either in a bowl or directly on the face and apply to the beard.


The wooden bowls are treated to last for many years, taking on a character of their own.
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