10 Piece Travel Brush Set

Bdellium Tools


Bdellium Tools 10 Piece Travel Brush Set.

Designed for use with mineral makeup but versatile to use in any application. Included is a Travel Roll-up Pouch. It has 16 pockets of varying widths to accommodate a wide range of contents with 4 side pockets to hold small or loose items in place.


Luxuriously lacquered short wooden handles for convenient travel. Comes with a Travel Roll-up Pouch (17 x 7 inches; 43 x 18 cm) with a black exterior and brown interior.

Brushes included: 

#964T AP Blusher
#957T Precision Cheek
#955T Finishing
#945T Contour
#942T Slanted Contour
#781T Crease
#776T Blending
#769T Angled Contour
#765T Small Angle Shader
#755T Smudge