Citrus Lemon Brush Cleaner

Bdellium Tools


Bdellium Tools Citrus Lemon Brush Cleaner. 

This Professional Cosmetic Brush Cleanser (Solid Brush Soap) and cleaning pad will clean, sanitize, and condition both natural and synthetic bristles. Cruelty-free and made with fresh ingredients from an all vegan formula. Strong enough to clean your brushes, yet gentle enough to keep them soft and fluffy. 


Wet brushes in warm water. Swirl in soap to a lather. Work the bristles of your brush back and forth on the silicone cleaning pad (located in cap) to remove makeup residue.  Rinse and repeat as necessary. Squeeze out excess water and lay brush flat to dry. Allow soap to dry completely before storing away.

Includes a silicone cleaning pad (located inside the cap) to help remove makeup residue.

Made with an all vegan formula.


Net Weight 70g / 2.45oz