Stone Temple Dome Ring

Alice Cicolini


9ct yellow gold, star set diamond.

For generations, the family of Kamal Kumar Meenkar has commissioned hand carved ebony as a template or maquette for clients at the beginning of the process of commissioning 22ct gold and meenakari jewellery. The Temple collection re-evaluates these maquettes by creating lasting, fin quality pieces, combining the carving with gold and precious stones.

The Stone Temple series, developed later, moves the ebony carving in to stone. Babluji worked in stone for the first time in cloudy rose quartz, to create a monochrome story with the black wood. These miniature sculptures are transformed into fresh and striking pieces that look to the work of classic jewellers of the 20s & 30s, many of whom created jewellery carved in stone, as well as inspiration from illustrated periodicals of the same period, such as the Gazette du Bon Ton.


One size