Meet the Designer: Nellie Partow

Meet champion boxer and fashion guru Nellie Partow this Thursday and Friday, October 18 + 19 as she presents her Resort collection at The Women’s Shop.

Hey Nellie, we love PARTOW! Tell us how you got started in the fashion industry. 

Thank you!! I’ve always known that I wanted to be a designer from a very young age. I graduated from Parsons and started my career designing for Calvin Klein.

What was your inspiration for this specific collection? 

I was inspired from my childhood, growing up in Laguna Beach, CA. I missed the summers on the beach, and the surf culture I grew up with.

Much of the collection was inspired by the nostalgia of this time in my life. We hear you’re a pretty good athlete. Do tell! 

I was a competitive boxer along side all my years designing. I’ve been very fortunate to have won some titles fighting at Madison Square Garden, while having the support from my Calvin Klein and John Varvatos colleagues cheering me on.

Describe a typical day for you.

Chasing this guy around the design showroom (Mika, my little husky).

What is your favorite piece of all time?

For Resort, I love the hand painted silver cashmere knits. They take about 80 hours to make by hand.

Describe your workspace.

Our office is in a former photo studio, so we have incredible natural light that wraps around the office, and we have beautiful views of New York City.