Local Style: Will Bryant

Will Bryant is an Austin-based artist and illustrator.

So, first things first, tell us all about your girls Polly and Sally.

My girls are blonde, funny, intelligent, and they love to read. Sally, and I are childhood sweethearts. She is driven, thoughtful, and nurturing. I respect her so much, out of love, and fear—she’s a strong southern woman. Polly is my 4 year old daughter and brings joy wherever she goes (unless she’s hungry or tired, understandably so). Polly loves marbles, rocks, books, blanket forts, watermelon, Moana, drawing, and painting. We’re getting some of her artwork framed and all are so excited to see it in her room.

You’re a super talented illustrator. What’s inspiring you nowadays and are there any local projects on the horizon we should be looking out for? 

Thanks so much! Visually I get excited by the work my friends (on the internet & IRL) are putting out. Speaking of, Adi Goodrich just worked on a set design for the new Dirty Projectors music video Break-Thru. It’s incredible! From a life/work balance I feel most inspired by exercise. I’m newly into trail running, so getting out on the Greenbelt always makes me feel fresh. As for local projects, I have some new murals for Bird Bird Biscuit, Facebook, Cava, and Birds Barbershop this spring. Elsewhere you’ll see some of my work for Warby Parker, Enoteca Nostrana (Portland OR), hopefully another gallery install, and a new semi-secret business venture coming late summer.

Love the Raf Simons shoes you chose. What do you love most about ByGeorge and which brands do you stick to in your day to day? 

The color of those Raf Simons Stan Smiths is spot on. It’s such a subtle difference from the original releases, but really elevated. I think ByGeorge offers a selection of items that you can’t find anywhere else in Austin. As for what I tend to wear, typically when I’m in the studio I wear Levis or Carhartt WIP and a pastel t-shirt or a vintage basketball inspired something something. I’m a fan of Engineered Garments, Mr. P, Acne Studios, A.P.C., Jungmaven, and HELM Boots. Also, I am looking forward to checking out Fortune Goods here in town! To follow up on footwear talk, I’m a super low key sneaker head. I know about some releases, but I mostly just look and store them in a make believe closet. I do love me some busted Air Jordan’s. Who else is enjoying this new wave of ridiculous late 90s inspired sneakers? Have you seen the new FILA line? Total goof troop!

Tell us your dream date out in Austin with your wife.

I have an idea of what would make a better romantic read (which I would love to provide at another time), but honestly one of my favorite things to do in Austin is enjoy dinner and a movie at Alamo Drafthouse! I’m not saying we should sit in the dark and not talk to each for two hours, but I kinda am. To be fair, we’d grab a drink before and after the movie so that we had plenty of time to talk with just the two of us. Also, there would be a walk involved. We’d totally hold hands, too.

What has been your favorite job to date?

I am very fortunate to get to do what I do and so grateful for the amazing people I’ve had the opportunity to work with. If I have to pick a favorite, which is what you asked me to do, then working on an Adidas project at NBA All Star Weekend 2017 in New Orleans has to be the one. The project featured so many talented artists, NBA stars, live drawing, and my wife was my assistant. I did 3-day drawing installation on an all white basketball court and was able to meet James Harden, Candace Parker, Kristaps Porzingis, Nick “Swaggy P” Young, Kyle Lowry, and Jamal Murray. There are other projects where I might be more interested in the work itself, but overall this was a dream come true for me (the 8 year old and 32 year old me).

Find Will’s work at willbryant.com.