Local Style: Scott & Lisa Galbreath

Where are you from originally and how did you two meet?

Lisa: I’m from Southeast Texas but first moved to Austin when I was four. 

Scott: I’m originally from Colorado.  I move to Santa Fe, New Mexico for college and then did a 16-year stint in Los Angeles, CA.

We met in 2012 at the Continental Club on a Sunday night when Heybale was playing. Scott asked Lisa to dance. 

I hear you love two stepping, what is your favorite spot to two step and what are each of your favorite songs to dance to?

Oh that could be quite a list!  We love to dance at the Broken Spoke, especially when Weldon Henson or Jesse Dayton are playing.  We like to go to Luckenbach and dance to Mike and the Moonpies.  We try to go to the Continental Club Gallery and dance to Robert Kraft when he’s playing.

After our wedding, we danced down the aisle to Lyle Lovett’s “You’re Not From Texas.”  Our wedding dance was to “Luckenbach, Texas” (back to the basics) and one of our favorite one-steps is “Wonder” by Robert Kraft.

Scott, you work for Josephine House in Clarksville, but you are also an actor. What have you been working on recently and what is your favorite project to date?

Recently, I helped bring to life ‘Alabama Story’ by Kenneth Jones.  A true story about people, politics and the importance of our public library system during the civil rights era in the deep south.  Upcoming, I’ll be hosting and acting in the First Annual Western Film Festival in Las Cruces, New Mexico taking place in Late January 2019.

My favorite project to date was performing in Author Miller’s The Price. I won the Best Actor in Central Texas Award for that one!

Lisa, where do you plan on wearing these beautiful pieces?

I’d love to wear one of these pieces to Austin’s annual ART Bra Event in July benefiting the Breast Cancer Resource Center of Central Texas.  As a two-time breast cancer survivor, I’ve modeled for the ART Bra event four times!  It’s an important fund raiser, with an important ‘No one faces breast cancer alone’ in Central Texas.

If you could have anything at all, what would be at the top of your Christmas list this year?

To be surrounded by friends, family, our beloved pets (BooBear and Fred Fred) along with exceptional food and wonderful memories.