Local Style: Phillip Curry

Meet our new salesperson from The Mens Shop, Philip! Philip also happens to be the author of Roughly Polished, a novel about the trials and tribulations of his lead character, Talib. We’ll be hosting Philip and his book this Saturday for a signing at The Mens Shop to help Austin kick off Book Fest. We’d love to have you join us for mingling, drinks and eats!

Hey Phillip! Your book Roughly Polished follows a young guy named Talib through some interesting trials and tribulations. Do you feel like you can relate to your main character at all? Is he inspired by anyone in particular?
Hi, Brittani! Talib is a character that definitely resonates with me in more ways than one. He’s not only a reflection of me and some of my musings and misadventures but also of my co-author and people we’ve encountered.

How did you end up meeting your co-author Charles Lee and what was the process of writing this book together like?
Similar to Talib, I’d typify myself as a regular guy who’s not your average guy. I’m a lover of art and philosophy. I believe one feeds the other. Vision inspires words. And words inspire visions. Most of my spare time is spent painting. Thankfully, my wonderful wife tolerates me stockpiling my artwork in our living room.

I met Charles my first year of college, nearly 15 years ago. We were part of the same multicultural student organization and shared a fondness for laughs and music. Throughout our friendship we’ve seen each other traverse different phases and obstacles with lessons and laughs. 

The creation of Roughly Polished came about after Charles repeatedly suggested I write a book. So, I drug him along for the ride. It was a bit daunting, I must say. A few years, a lot of discussion, scribbling notebooks into oblivion and last-minute edits. Challenging and exhilarating. Charles was even inspired to step into the arena of stand-up comedy, which he has a real penchant for, in my opinion. He’s migrated to Las Vegas to make a more tenacious bid at it.

What are you plotting next with regards to writing?
As far as writing goes, there are no formal plans for future compositions, though we have a long-running half-joke about a project entitled “Things I’d Tell My Daughter.”

On a personal note, how long have you been living in Austin? What’s your favorite part about our city?
I’ve lived in Austin for 8 yrs. Aside from the unbelievably delicious food this city has to offer, I see it as a convergence point for varied cultures, industries and lifestyles. A lot of character in a relatively compact package.

The book is set in Chicago. Do you have any connection to the city?

Chicago unquestionably holds a special place in my heart. I spent better part of my childhood in a town not too far outside the city of Chicago. Quite a few family members still live there and besides Austin, it’s one of my favorite pigout destinations, haha. 

I’ll be taking a trip back there in a few weeks, as a matter of fact!

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