Local Style: Matt Davis

 Matt, you’re one of our favorite men’s clients! What keeps you coming into The Mens Shop? 

The forward-thinking selection y’all have. I know that when I go in there, I’m going to find either a new brand that I’ll like, or some items from your current list of brands that I love.

Tell us about your tequila business, Playa Real – how did you end up in the industry and what are your plans for the future?

I had previously worked in the alcohol business for almost ten years and always knew that I wanted my own product. A few years ago, while surfing down in Mexico, I came across this idea of flavored tequila. I knew that was the product I needed to bring back and create for myself. Our plans for the future are pretty straightforward: we hope to become the go-to tequila for all Austinites and even all Texans.

You look awesome in Cucinelli. How did your obsession start (we hear you have a pretty cool story!) What are your other go-to brands at ByGeorge? 

You’re right in calling it an obsession! At first, I couldn’t quite rationalize the price point of it, but everyone said that once you buy your first piece, you’ll get it. Well, I did. Now it’s my favorite brand by far, and I love every piece. When I first started this obsession, the team at ByGeorge was so amazing to introduce me to the rep — they helped make sure I got a private tour of the headquarters in Solomeo, Italy! It was amazing –  Brunello Cucinelli is a company that truly cares about craftsmanship, quality, their employees and the town of Solomeo. My other top brands are: Officine Generale, Massimo Alba, Barena and Engineered Garments! 

Is it true you’ve created the first flavor infused tequila? What is your favorite drink for each flavor? 

Well, not the first flavor-infused, but the first triple distilled, 80-proof infused tequila. For us, quality and value are paramount. That’s why we have a very simple bottle and label design – we put it all back into the actual liquid itself. For my favorite drinks, I love going with the “skinny” options, pick your favorite flavor and simply add some waterloo sparkling water, a pinch of agave syrup and some fresh-squeezed limes and enjoy!

 Where’s your favorite place to grab a drink with your wife, Kendra? 

Unfortunately, because of our schedules, we don’t get to go out as much as we’d like. Kendra and I find that we end up going back to the same places. We love Jeffrey’s and Josephine House. They both have fantastic mixed drinks and the wine menu is amazing.

Lastly… how are you keeping cool in this 100-degree heat?

Ha, by leaving it! We try to save a lot of our vacations for summer. It seems that each year it gets more and more hot, so we make it a point to head to the cooler regions. But when we’re here, I find that my pool and a jalapeño-pineapple margarita usually does the trick!

Find out more at playarealtequila.com