Local Style: Matt & Alysha Rainwaters

Interview by Brittani Lepley
Photography by Alexandra Valenti

You are both photographers. What are your favorite subjects? Do you have a favorite photo you’ve ever taken? 

Matt: I don’t know about a favorite single photo, but I did a project shooting Catfish Noodlers in Oklahoma that I love. Leash and I had just started dating and she came along to help out. She approached all of the interesting characters and asked them to pose for me with their giant fish… There’s no way the project could have happened without her.

Alysha: I especially love photographing elopements and small weddings. Matt and I got married in our backyard with a handful of friends, so the smaller & intimate ceremonies are special to me. I also love capturing families in their homes and hope to offer family portraits on film this fall!

Matt, you’re also a director. What are a few projects that you’re excited about? 

I’ve been shooting commercial projects for a few years and I’m wrapping a Southwest spot in Florida. The footage is beautiful, and I can’t wait see how it all cuts together. I also made a short surf film when we lived in San Diego. It’s about the sacrifices we make to achieve our dreams and then what it actually feels like to get what you want. I’m wrapping that up now!

When the two of you have family time, where are you jumping in your car and heading off to do with the kids? 

We all LOVE swimming, especially at Deep Eddy, and of course we stop for Pool Burger after!

I heard there’s been a few unique pets around the Rainwaters house, tell me more! 

Alysha: Penelope is the biggest animal lover I have ever met! My favorite pet we’ve had was a millipede named Diamond, she was about 8 inches long, such a peaceful creature. Currently we have a dachshund named Tex and 2 kittens we adopted, Nala and Leon. There’s usually a bug or critter around in a jar, we’re “studying” or “rehabilitating” before we set it free. 

Matt: Penelope really has a special bond with all animals but she’s been interested in bugs since she was just a little thing. We study up on all of the insects and spiders in the yard. She’s caught a few giant stick insects and we’re working on the daddy longlegs project now. She’s learning to tell the difference between all of the bugs that get called a daddy longlegs and what makes each one unique.

Alysha, you look so beautiful in the outfits you’re wearing. We know you love Co — what other brands and styles do you tend towards? 

You are so kind! Honestly, I’m completely obsessed with Dôen right now, their pieces are vintage inspired, and just so easy and versatile and the fabrics are light and airy, perfect for this heat. I also love that it’s a woman-run business and their mission to support and empower women in the work place.

Where do you guys go in Austin for date night? 

Alysha: Matt’s been traveling for work lately, but when we do make it out, we definitely like to switch up. There are always so many new restaurants popping up in Austin! Although, my ideal date night is something active like hiking or swimming.

Matt: I just love any time I get to spend alone with my wife.