Local Style: Lauren & Carson

Where and how did you meet? How did you end up in Austin?

Lauren: We met in Michigan, when I was college. He fell in love at first sight! Haha, just kidding. We both fell pretty fast, and moved down here together after I graduated. That was four years ago.

Carson: It’s true, I did! We met while Lauren was finishing school at the University of Michigan. At that time, we were hanging around Ann Arbor and Detroit and it was a tough decision to leave while so many exciting things were happening there. Growing up, I spent a lot of time visiting friends and family in Austin, and the city was on our short list (of about two places) to move. We decided we wanted to leave the winters for a bit, and we definitely made the right decision!

You’re both working with some cool Austin-based brands. What do you like best about fashion? What are three things, people or places that inspire your style here in Austin?

L: I work for esby apparel, which is sold at ByGeorge! I love working in fashion because it’s what I’m most interested in and inspired by. It’s also awesome working so closely with the owner of a small business that’s growing and evolving all of the time. My favorite thing is getting inspired by and working on the new collections and traveling for work. The things that inspire me most about Austin are the colors of the city, the mix between concrete and landscape, hard and soft, and of course, my friends.

C: I run a brand called Fortune Goods, the thing that excites me most is constantly reinventing the line, season to season, while maintaining the core of who we are. It’s a super demanding creative outlet, and it’s never boring! Austin is such an inspiring place – the natural beauty that surrounds us and extremely talented friends, from interior designers to entrepreneurs to artists, who have inspired me since moving here.

You both have such distinct, cool style — how would you describe the personality of your closets and what are your favorite brands at ByGeorge?

L: I would say I’m pretty feminine and vintage-inspired, but I love mixing silhouettes and shapes. And old with new. My style is very much inspired by my mood. I could name so many brands I love there, but I’ll stick with a few. I love Céline, Chloé, Dries, The Row, Loewe, and of course, esby 🙂

C: I love looking at the history of garments and seeing how they can adapt to a contemporary look. We collect a lot of vintage pieces, and play with old and new to design the Fortune line, and my closet definitely reflects that. ByGeorge has such a great assortment of designers but the ones that always inspire me are Dries, Christophe Lemaire, Engineered Garments, and the attention to detail of Visvim.

What is your perfect Austin date?

L: We love going to Clark’s or Justine’s. We both love food and I love a martini, which both places nail.

C: Oysters and drinks at Clarks, head to Violet Crown for a film, then to Justine’s for dinner and drinks for about 6 hours.

Tell us your favorite love song or album.

L: Never Too Much by Luther Vandross 🙂

C: God Only Knows by the Beach Boys

Look 1: Lauren is wearing a nylon trench by Marni, trousers by Partow and slides by Dries Van Noten Carson is wearing a coat by Stone island and a shirt by Visvim

Look 2: Lauren is wearing a blouse by Chloé, denim trousers by Céline and jacquard slides by Dries Van Noten Carson is wearing a shirt, jacket and trousers by Dries Van Noten