Local Style: Jordan & Chris

Meet the Fronk’s: Austin’s most lovely couple, half of whom is supplying the lactose intolerant among us with fresh nutmilk on the daily

First things first: tell us your love story!

Whelp, it starts in the fall of 1999. We were both silly freshman at Stetson University in Central Florida. Chris lived upstairs from me in Hollis Hall, our co-ed Honors dorm (total nerds I know) — also the namesake of our now 12-year-old tiny dog. We were friends all of first semester, we “studied” together a lot and come Valentine’s Day we made it official and we’ve been at each other’s side ever since! For the next 3 years of college we had the same major and minor, took all our classes together, and did most group projects together. Haha, lots of togetherness, just the way we like it. I grew up in Houston and was dying to get back to Texas so we packed up and moved to Austin the week after graduation. We got sales jobs with the same company and true to form worked on the same team for a year. We happily settled in south Austin, got married and in addition to tiny Hollis, we have two precious human babies, Owen Claire and Townes. 

Jordan, you’re the brains behind Fronks Nutmilk (find her at @freshfronks on Instagram.) How did that come about? Where can we get our hands on some!? 

Yeah! Fronks officially launched in January 2017 after a year of planning and perfecting the recipe. I was looking for a creamy nutmilk on the market that actually tasted like the ones I made at home and couldn’t find it, so I created it! Fronks is all organic, all fresh, sweetened only with dates and completely free of the crap found in many almond milks. You can sign up online for weekly deliveries here in Austin. Or order through Farmhouse Delivery in Houston/SA/Dallas. You can also find us at Mañana, and on the menu at June’s All Day, Greater Goods, and Hank’s (opening soon in Windsor Park).

Where are the special places your family likes to visit when y’all have a free day together? 

We love being outside, on weekends we’re either swimming at home, swimming at deep eddy, or hiking/fishing on the Barton Creek Greenbelt behind our house. The same applies to food/drink. We’re most likely on the patio at Perlas or Pool Burger or Junes (sipping Fronks lattés). Or grabbing Fresas to take to the park. 

Jordan, I know you’re the fashion savant of the family and tend to set up all the outfits for the day — what are your + Chris’ favorite menswear brands and what pieces do you gravitate to for yourself? 

Chris is easy, his uniform is Acne Jeans, Common Projects, and then anything Brunelli Cucinelli up top. For myself, I love picking up basics and standards I know I’ll wear over and over, my jean shorts/black t-shirt collection is serious. Levis Re/Done, Acne, tees by Alexander Wang (actually, pretty much anything Alexander Wang). I also decided a couple years back that during the summer I would only buy dresses (mostly because it’s too hot for anything else.) Last summer I hit up BG Soco and stocked up on Solid and Striped swim and some light, flowy dresses and was good to go! 

What’s the most Texan thing about the two of you?

Jordan: My pride. I love this state — even though there are certainly things I’d be happy to see change.  But it’s my home, and I’m happy to hear my kids singing “The Eyes of Texas are Upon You…” on the regs. 

Chris: My love of barbecue, proper barbecue.