Local Style: Hallie Brewer

Hallie Brewer is an Austin-based artist and designer.

You’re an Austin native, what is the main thing that keeps you in this city?

There are many things. Sunshine, my community (family & friends), access to nature, ease of living, delicious food.

We love your artwork! Do you find that your art correlates to your personal style?

It’s funny, when people meet me and then see my work they often make the comment that my work “looks like” me. I think I try for an understated refinement in both my work and how I dress. I don’t like over embellishment or an exhaustive message. I like balance, harmony, natural materials, simplicity combined with thoughtfulness, a focus on process and construction.

You do graphic design for a pretty exciting company: Bunkhouse. Which spot is your favorite?

I’m not just saying this because I work for the company, but each property is truly special in its own way. I love that each tells its own story. But if I absolutely had to choose I’m going with Hotel St. Cecilia. It’s a romantic sanctuary.

What are your go-to places when you want to spend time with your husband?

We are home-bodies so prefer time in our backyard or walks in our neighborhood. If we dine out we enjoy Bufalina Due and Texas French Bread.

You have great personal style—so elegant and sophisticated. What are the brands you seek out at ByGeorge that align with your vibe?

Thank you! I’m a big fan of No.6 for their vintage-inspired silhouettes in natural fabrics, good prints too. Céline and Lemaire for elevated basics with beautiful details. Stella McCartney and Brunello Cucinelli tailored blazers. Common Projects sneakers. Acne boots.

Where do you go when you find yourself needing some help with inspiration?

Travel always inspires. But if I can’t get away then time with creative friends or a visit to the library to flip through some art/design/architecture books.

In your opinion, where’s the best art in Austin?

Contemporary Austin’s Jones Center & Laguna Gloria. Group shows at MASS gallery. East Austin & West Austin Studio Tours because Austin is full of talented artists! For real. Find Hallie’s work at halliebrewer.com

Find Hallie’s work at halliebrewer.com

Hallie wears a jumpsuit by No. 6 & jacket by Veda, and a blouse by Céline, jacket by Brunello Cucinelli, and boots by Saint Laurent.