Local Style: Dagny & Taylor

You’re Texans, but how did you both end up in Austin?

Taylor:  I moved to Austin after spending time here, visiting my family.

Dagny:  I ended up moving here from Houston back in 2003 for college and never left!

Dagny, you’ve been photographing pregnant women and mothers. The first few images are beautiful! How did that idea come about and what are you planning on doing with the images?

Thank you! I’ve been very inspired by pregnancy and motherhood lately because many of my friends have started having kiddos or already have adorable little ones. It is such a special time in a woman’s life and I am exploring capturing that in a timeless and elegant way. Nasiona, meaning “seed” in Polish, is a special name to me not only because of the metaphor of growing a tiny human but because my father was a farmer and always collected all sorts of seeds. He could literally grow anything imaginable and I spent most of my life watching and appreciating how he did that. The project is blossoming as I photograph and connect with more and more women. I hope to continue for a long time!

You two co-own SHDW Studios on the East Side. What are the current and upcoming shows being featured there and can you give us a low down on how y’all operate? 

We are currently coordinating our fall presentations and gallery showings, but the studio is functioning faster than ever! We’re working with lots of brands to create ecommerce and lifestyle content, and working on another big announcement for late this summer!

We love the Zimmermann dress and those insane Calvin Klein 205w39nyc shoes on you, Dagny! Taylor’s look compliments it well. Tell us your idea of the perfect date together in Austin if you were wearing these outfits.

A perfect date in these outfits would consist of rosé on a sunny patio on SoCo, like Perlas or Hotel San Jose!

You’re both clearly fashion lovers. What are the top brands here at ByGeorge you’re constantly pining for?

Taylor: I love Common Projects, Stone Island, and VADA Jewelry — one of my favorite pieces is my chief’s head ring by VADA, so it’s always exciting to see what new items Katie has created or has discovered for her vintage collection!

Dagny: I love shopping the soco store for Acne Studios and VADA. I come into the Lamar store for my other faves like Dries Van Noten, Saint Laurent and Chloé.

Do either of you have any exciting side projects in the works? 

We’re both working on several things at the moment, but all in the same direction, which is progressing our skill sets and community at SHDW!