Local Style: Caitlyn & Dylan

Meet your new best friends, Caitlyn Nelson and Dylan Treleven!

1. You both now live in Tacoma, Washington. What’s your Austin story? 

I have lived in to Austin three  separate times. Each time moving away to a big(ger) city and then running back to Texas. The last time I moved back it was with Dylan. We had met in NYC and were both looking for a change, so of course I suggested Austin! I took a job working for Preacher, an amazing local AD agency, and Dylan, a carpenter, starting working for Enabler. We rented a cottage on the Eastside and ate tacos every day. Come to think of it, each one of my Austin “chapters” were very different but one thing always remained the same: TACOS! 

2. The photos we took were so fun! What do you stick to for fun when you’re back in Austin?

We don’t get much sun in Washington so when we come back its mandatory that all outings involve sunshine! Barton Springs, riding bikes around Town Lake and drinking margaritas at Weather Up are a must!

3. Since living in Washington, I’m guessing you love the outdoors. Are there any top places here in Texas and in Washington you’d recommend a lonely traveler to hit up for weekend getaways?

For us it’s all about Texas swimming holes. Grab some tacos, the dog and head to Gus Fruh. When it gets too hot in Texas, head to Washington. There is nothing like a Washington summer. It’s the perfect time to climb Mount Rainier and hike around Paradise, the wildflower meadows. Our favorite thing to do is to take the boat out on the Puget Sound and head to Vashon Island. We swim and walk the beach looking for clams and Geoducks, if you haven’t seen a Geoduck – google it now! (interviewer note: it’s pronounced gooey-duck!)

4. I love the Rosie Assoulin dress on you — and Dylan’s Dries look is amazing next to it! Where are ya’ll going in these outfits?  

Odd Duck for dinner and Paloma’s on draft. Maybe head to Justine’s for desert and an Espresso Martini?! Oh, and definitely end the night with country western dancing at Don’s Depot.

Caitlyn is wearing a Rosie Assoulin dress and Saint Laurent shoes, and a Stella McCartney jumpsuit with Saint Laurent shoes. Dylan is wearing a Calvin Klein 205w39nyc turtleneck and blazer and Dries Van Noten trousers with Saint Laurent boots, and a Dries Van Noten jacket and shirt with Saint Laurent sneakers.