Local Style: Beth Garrabrant

Where do you think your sense of style comes from + what is your favorite thing to search for at ByGeorge?

My family! The only time I find shopping remotely enjoyable is when I’m with my mom or my sister. They force me to try stuff on and that’s when I end up finding my favorite things. Otherwise I’d be wearing Britney Spears t-shirts every day. My dad loves to take a risk with his clothes and truly doesn’t care what anybody thinks, which I greatly admire. 

It’s hard to think about sweaters right now but that’s my number #1 search at ByGeorge and in life.

Tell me about your upcoming personal project.

The series I’m working on is a collection of reimagined scenes, miniatures, and found ephemera relating to my own girlhood history and rituals. Right now, if you open any cabinet or drawer in my house you will find a minimum of five dolls as a result of this project. Sadly, color darkrooms have become seemingly obsolete in Central Texas which has forced me to consider how I make new work moving forward.

What is inspiring to you about Texas?

We live in Crestview, which is more or less a suburb. Scenes in the neighborhood are very evocative of my own childhood. I’m constantly pulling over to take a picture… or throwing my hands up for not having my camera. Crestview is essentially playing the part of my hometown in my work, but it still very much has its own personality, particularly in the summertime. Before I lived in Texas, I had never experienced such heat and I’m constantly trying to make pictures about it. 

What do you and your fiancé do on free nights out in Austin? Do you have a favorite bar…

Hmm our favorite nights would include a walk to Little Deli for pepperoni pizza followed by cocktails at Lala’s Golden Nugget where it’s literally Christmas year round.

Looks by The Row, Partow and Dries Van Noten