Local Style: Annie Tate

Hey Annie Tate. You’re one of our favorite people who shops at ByGeorge, we love seeing you and your family and are super excited to host another pop up with your designs! What has inspired you to create your collection of dresses and tunics?

Thank you, I’m so excited as well! I would say my inspiration comes from my interest in clothing and silhouettes that are loose. I’ve always been drawn to more oversized silhouettes and the shapes that they create. It’s particularly nice in a climate like Austin’s, where it’s so hot. The dresses and tunics can be worn in all sorts of situations as well. I wear mine out and about with sneakers but also have worn them to dress up.

Tell me a little more about your dress collection — what is your favorite design and why?

The collection is dresses and tunics that are all the same versatile size. I hand embroider each of them so that no two pieces are the same. In the collection there are some that I’ve sewn wooden beads onto and some that have thin embroidered stripes. It’s important to me that although they are all the same cut they all have a unique and special quality to them.

You’re also an artist. Where do you draw most of your inspiration from? What is your favorite medium?

I am most interested in analogue filmmaking and embroidery in terms of art making. Both mediums require a closeness and intimacy between my hands and the work that I really treasure.  I am very inspired by movement and stillness and the subtlety that often punctuates that change.  The movement of light on top of water for example, it speeds up and slows down, and tuning into it requires slowing oneself down. Making and embroidering clothing also requires a slowing down that I really appreciate.

What keeps you coming back to ByGeorge?

I’ve been coming to ByGeorge for so long with my mom – I remember being too little to fit into anything and feeling bummed but so eager to get to shop here myself one day. Since becoming an adult I feel so at home in the store, and I have become great friends with a number of the sweet people who work here.

You and your family travel quite a bit. What has been the most exciting vacation so far and why?

The most exciting trip I’ve taken would have to be a road trip that my partner and I took last summer from Amherst, Massachusetts to Austin. The changing landscapes were so incredible. I was able to see so much greenery in the Midwest and it slowly change to the mountains of Colorado into the desert of West Texas.

Where would you spend a perfect day off in Austin?

My partner, Michael, and I just moved in together so I’ve been loving spending most of the day at home. Usually on a day off we sleep in, make breakfast then go walking together in the neighborhood. An afternoon swim at Deep Eddy can be a real treat or playing some tennis, if it isn’t too hot. In the evenings we have been going to chess club meetings.  It’s great getting to mix the things I’ve always loved about Austin with new things that we are able to do together.

Do you have an all time favorite piece you purchased from us here at BG? What is it?

It would be hard to nail down one favorite piece from ByGeorge. I feel so lucky to be able to shop here and to have collected some special pieces over the years. Y’all carry such great lines and I have been exposed to so many through shopping here.

Look 1: Shirt by The Row, pants by Forte Forte, mules by The Row

Look 2: Tie dye shirt by Raquel Allegra

Look 3: Annie Tate in her own design