Local Style: Annie & Arthur Furman

Interview by Brittani Lepley
Photography by Alexandra Valenti

So excited to have you! How did the two of you meet?

Annie: Thanks for having us! We met in Architecture School at RISD.

Arthur: I don’t remember our official meet-cute, but I do remember the first time I saw Annie. She was outside the architecture building arguing with her landlord on the phone, with full-on Miami fire. She didn’t notice me, but I was loving it, and then a strange thought entered my mind – what if I end up marrying this girl, who I’ve never met? I swear! I had an entire flash of my life with her. We didn’t actually meet until the next semester when we were in the same studio section, and I flirted with her constantly.

You recently designed an incredible home for our interiors photographer, Casey Dunn that was named one of the best designed homes of 2018 by Dwell. What inspired the design of that space?

Thank you! Casey’s house was inspired by simplicity. You know, Casey has photographed the most baller houses in the country, and yet for his personal home, his vision was for a simple, stripped down, minimal space that felt warm, organic and authentic. There is great beauty and value to be found in simplicity

Arthur, you recently launched Sunriser, a CBD infused cold brew. How’d you get into that and how can we get our hands on it?

It’s kinda funny because I have zero background in coffee or packaged foods whatsoever, and that’s what I love most about doing this. I’m learning and growing and reinventing myself through Sunriser. I started making my CBD coffee at home about year ago. I was already a big consumer of both coffee and CBD separately, and I discovered that the combination of CBD with caffeine is a marriage made in heaven. It delivers a focused dose of calm alertness without the jitters. So, I developed a recipe that turned out to be really good, and I figured that a lot of people would benefit from this on a daily basis. Sunriser CBD Cold Brew will be available in stores mid-February, starting with Thom’s Market, Royal Blue, Farm to Market, Little Brother Bar, Better Half, Lou’s Bodega, Wheatsville Coop. Follow @sunriser_cbd for updates and new locations.

Annie, you are originally from Miami. What is the biggest style difference for you personally since moving to Texas? What about the architecture?

I haven’t really changed my personal style – I just mostly wear black. Miami is pretty slick and polished. Austin has more grittiness and honest materials. I love to combine the two.

Do you two have a dream project you’d love to work on? How about a dream client?

Our goal is always to work with the best people, rather than a specific project type. To us that means a client who is having fun, who energizes us as much as we energize them, and who truly values the impact that great design can have on your life.

What is it like working together and how do you keep your relationship so fun and strong?

We love to see each other shine. We have very different talents, and so to see the other person excel in their own way every day is a huge turn on.

Finally, what’s your top spot for a romantic night out without the kids?