Local Style: Ana Davidson

Interview by Brittani Lepley
Photography by Alexandra Valenti

Ana, you’re a stylist and most recently worked on our pre fall editorial that’s set to come out this month. What got you into styling as a career path?

I have a BA in Sociology because styling wasn’t originally on my radar. I didn’t even know it was an option until I began assisting a stylist while I was in college. I did that for several years. By the time I graduated, I was ready to pursue it seriously. I’ve been styling ever since. Almost twelve years!

As a born and raised Austinite, tell me how you perceive the changes Austin has gone through over the past ten years.

My favorite thing about Austin’s transformation is the reaction I get when someone discovers my native status. I’m not just “from Austin”, I’m “a Unicorn.” Every time I hear that I think, “Yes! I went from regular lady to magical creature in less than a thousand years!” I’m very happy about achieving that childhood goal.

Any really great old-school Austin spots you would send us to?

If you’re looking for an Austin time capsule, any of these are worth exploring: Peter Pan Mini Golf, Ecstatic Dance (formerly Body Choir), Bouldin Creek Cafe, Mr. Natural, Casa de Luz, The Herb Bar, Deep Eddy and of course, Barton Springs.

What has consistently been an inspiration in your work as a stylist?

I love doing photo research for mood boards and consulting projects. I have synesthesia, so color palette is also very important to me. I’m fascinated by fashion history and process-oriented media. I can spend hours watching YouTube videos about shoe making. It’s definitely a dream of mine to design a shoe line someday.

I love love the Khaite look on you — casual elegance! What kinds of pieces are you drawn to with regards to your personal style?

Thank you, the Khaite pieces are amazing! When I dress others, it’s always with a character or lifestyle in mind and that’s also how I dress myself. It wasn’t always that way. When I started styling I used to keep things very basic and wear A LOT of black. That was an incredibly boring time in my life. I’ve learned to embrace my instinct to treat my wardrobe like a costume party and I’m much happier this way. This summer, for example, my costume has been a steady mix of “Austinite in New York”, “J-Lo goes island hopping” and “off-duty fitness model” haha. I’ve recently added “Adult woman remembers Delia’s catalogues” and I’m really enjoying where that takes me.

First look: skirt by Ganni, denim jacket by Khaite. Second look: black top and denim by Khaite, boots by Maison Margiela.