Interview Series: Aaron Ross

Meet Aaron Ross: local Texan, pro BMX rider and positivity guru living in Austin, eating all the food and high fiving everyone that crosses his path

You’re pro BMX, when did you start riding & what are some of your greatest accomplishments in your career? 

I started riding BMX around 10. I grew up doing tricks and jumping clubs but 10 was when I actually knew what BMX was and started trying to copy the pros in magazines/videos. Some of my greatest accomplishments are a few X- Games medals and a NORA (Number One Rider Award) cup award. That one meant a lot to just be nominated and then to win was super surreal.   

You co-own the Burro food truck in town — how did that start? Are you secretly a really good cook? 

It all started super randomly, honestly. Long story short — I had a buddy, Scott, that was working there when they first opened and I was looking to get involved in some stuff outside BMX in Austin. The owner, Justin Burrow, and I sat down and hit it off and here we are now! Justin is the man behind the whole thing. He came up with the menu so he’s the real chef and good cook… I am more of the networking/social media person. I have probably picked up a few tricks along the way but can’t claim “good cook” 

Tell us your favorite Austin spots to take your wife Bethany when you’ve got something to celebrate. 

Ohhh mannnn sooo many… it’s a long list and seems to grow every month. We love Launderette, Vinaigrette, Flowerchild, True Food Kitchen, Elizabeth Street. The list goes on and on… Austin is packed full of so many good places to eat. 

Along with your BMX career, do you have any other dreams or plans for the future?

I have so many dreams. I want to keep getting more and more involved with Austin and grow with the city. Starting to work on things outside of BMX. Not exactly 100% on which direction to go but I have always been one to chase down everything I think is awesome. I wanna have fun and high five everyone along the way! 

We hear you play baseball for the Texas Playboys — what are some highlights of your time with them and when’s the next home game!? 

I have been lucky enough to be on the team for a few years now. The first year I was around more often  and played in a lot of the games, but  the last year I’ve been gone for most of them which is a huge bummer. Everyone needs to make it out to @thelongtimetexas and watch us (@texasplayboysbaseball) play a game or two. It’s amazing what Jack (@builddesignadventure) has built out there. April 14 we’re playing Beto O’Rourke our at our home field. Look into it and get out and support the sandlot revolution! 

You’ve traveled a lot with BMX — tell us the most exciting place riding has taken you. 

So many great places with so many amazing people… I would have to say India was unreal and eye opening. 

You’re pretty active on social, how did that get started for you and what are your plans with your social for the future? 

I try to stay involved, I enjoy the connection. I have always loved being able to stay updated on my friends lives and talk back and forth with people within BMX or anything else. I would love to get more into some Influencer stuff and see where that goes. As my life has changed and grown over the years so has my social interest and activity. Hoping that continues. 

Finally, tell us your #1 recommendation from the Burro menu!

Great question, OK –  if its winter time you go Coppla with Tomato soup. That’s my favorite. But any other time it’s Waylon & Willie or a Burning Mac… Can’t go wrong with either one of those!

Aaron is wearing a Levi’s Vintage tee, Acne pants and a Velva Sheen sweatshirt, and a Levi’s Vintage 1940s stripe tee, Levi’s Vintage Jeans, and Visvim boots.

Interview by Brittani Lepley