Interview: Nili Lotan

Interview by Brittani Lepley

Hi Nili! We’re so excited for your upcoming trunk show. With all the heatwaves this summer, what has been your go-to outfit? 

The past couple months I’ve been living in the Evelyn blouse in leopard. It’s a billowing, light silk top that feels great even when it’s steaming outside, that pairs perfectly with the high waisted skinny jeans. For vacation this summer I packed the Galabeya Beach Dress, it’s an effortless linen tunic that just easy.

Who or what was your biggest influence when you began designing? 

Generally, I’m most influenced by the idea of style. I’m fascinated by men and women with distinct individual style. My father for example was the most elegant man, always perfectly put together in a suit even in the Israeli heat. Others include musicians and artists like Keith Richards, Mike Jagger, Lauren Hutton. 

What would be the very first piece you’d recommend a new Nili Lotan client to purchase to start their collection? 

The Paris pant is one of my favorite pieces. It’s cool, relaxed and nonchalant silhouette.   

Where are you happiest? 

When I’m spending time with my kids and husband. 

What home cooked meal do you most enjoy?  

My husband and I cook and host a shabbat dinner every Friday. Its a chance for our kids and friends to come together. The table is a cultural mix in terms of food: Mediterranean salads, raw fish, dishes from my Hungarian heritage. It’s always fresh, light and vibrant.  

How do you take your coffee?

I don’t drink coffee! I start my days with lemon, ginger and hot water.

What has been the most exciting change in the fashion industry since you started designing? 

To me the most exciting thing has been the rise in direct to consumer retail avenues. The ability to connect directly with my clients and the NL woman has been great.

How do you want women to feel when they’re wearing your clothes? 

I want them to feel like themselves.  From the outset, my design philosophy is that I’m offering women elements and tools for their own self-expression. I’m giving you the tools to express your own style and personality and feel great while doing it.

Join us on August 29 + 30 for a Nili Lotan Trunk Show at our North Lamar store.