Holiday Picks: Hannah

We asked The Mens Shop manager Hannah what her top picks were this holiday season. Check them out below!

1. Speakers by Marshall“I love my Marshall speaker. Naturally, I’ll need the wireless Bluetooth Marshall headphones.”

2. Doteria Coat by Visvim“I try on this Visvim Doteria coat almost daily, it looks badass on everyone. This is high on my want list.”

3. Suede boots by Saint Laurent

4. Cashmere sweater by The Elder Statesman

5. T-Shirt 3-pack by Maison Margiela

6. Cashmere socks by The Elder Statesman, “Elder Statesmen is a staple when it comes to cashmere. I’m eyeing the green socks, they are the perfect stocking stuffer.”

7. Candle by D.S. & Durga“The Breakfast Leipzig candle smells every bit of an early morning coffee date, my favorite time of the day.”

8. Frames by Jacques Marie Mage“Jacques Marie Mage frames above all other. It’s all in the handcrafted details.”

9. Overnight bag by Bottega Veneta“The Bottega Veneta overnight bag is arm candy, plain and simple.”

10. Vintage Datejust by Rolex

11. Bluetooth Headphones by Marshall

12. Fragrance by Orto Parisi in “Seminalis”