Local Style: Gabby & Zach

Interview by Brittani Lepley
Photography by Alexandra Valenti

Meet McGuire Moorman Hospitality coworkers and BFF’s Zach Horst and Gabby Phi!

Hi! You two currently work for McGuire Moorman Hospitality. Can you tell me what each of you do for them? 

Zach: Hi! My job is Brand Manager for MMH. I work under the creative director as the in-house graphic designer. I’m the person who makes sure that all the outward-facing materials for each of the restaurants stays on brand, which is a big project when you have so many different restaurants with so many different unique voices!

Gabby: I am the Social Media & Marketing Manager. I’m mainly focused on managing our Instagram and Facebook accounts. When I’m not photographing and writing copy for the Instagram feeds, you can find me at our events creating live content, shooting products for our merch shop and doing some local PR too. 

When you’re not at MMH, what sorts of creative things are you getting into?

Zach: I love to bake bread. It’s completely different than graphic design and pulling a fresh loaf of sourdough out of the oven is so so satisfying. I also like to dabble in different, more hands-on art media. Lately; paper marbling, watercolor, and sewing.

Gabby: In December, my friends and I threw our first holiday pop-up shop! Between all of us, we had too many clothes that we didn’t wear and didn’t know what to do with, so we decided to pool our resources and sell our clothes/accessories/purses etc. to friends. It was a huge success and we’re looking to do this bi-annually! 

Any exciting projects coming up on the horizon that we should look out for? 

Zach: I feel like I have so many projects brewing at the moment! Keep a lookout for a new series of illustrated typography!

Gabby: We partnered with Bunkhouse again for Lou’s Bodega and its opening VERY soon! Our revamp of Swedish Hill Bakery is also in the works right now. In the meantime, you can preview it at the back door bake sales every Saturday from 8am-noon!

Which spots would be on the top of your recommendations for a person visiting Austin? 

Zach: June’s All Day is one of my favorite places to hang out and have a great meal. The vibe is to die for, and you absolutely can’t compete with their french fries! I’m always looking for art museums when I travel, and the Contemporary Austin is always such a fun walk-through. And forget Barton Springs! I’m a full-on evangelist for Deep Eddy Pool. If you visit in the summer (or even in the spring or fall, let’s be real here) Deep Eddy is the place to swim.

Gabby: I’m really loving Suerte right now! They just started doing brunch service, and it is top notch. Can’t go wrong with the migas. As for non-restaurant recommendations, I love hanging out in the new Austin Central Library. Such a beautiful space! 

What is inspiring both of you lately? 

Zach: I’ve been trying to go back and read more history lately, and that has been incredibly inspiring. I spent so much time learning in school learning history that I immediately forgot because it was just for a test, now I’m going back and reading biographies, history from a more vivid perspective and it’s so much more satisfying and illuminating.

Gabby: I’ve just been really inspired by the start of the new year and all the excitement that comes with it! We’re opening some pretty big projects this year, and I’m ready to see them come to life.

Loving your outfits — What brands do both of you tend towards when you’re at our stores and why? 

Zach: Obviously, I’m a huge Acne Studios fan! I’m also always on the hunt for good vintage clothing and shoes, loud 80s and 90s patterned shirts are my go-to.

Gabby: I usually gravitate towards Ganni, Ulla Johnson and Mansur Gavriel. I love how feminine and beautiful the silhouettes are, and Mansur Gavriel is just so clean and simple. What’s not to love?!