· By Matt Reeves

Small Gestures - Big Meaning

Small Gestures - Big Meaning

Jewelry and accessories that make an impact and pieces to wear and love everyday.

CO Schindler sunglasses in Lava, designed in collaboration with Jacques Marie Mage. Made in Japan in limited quantities, the Schindlers are inspired by Los Angeles-based architect R.M. Schindler who was renowned for his clean lines and irreverent use of materials.

The small egg locket and devotion signet from Austin-based jewelry line, Vada jewelry. Named after designer Katie Caplener's grandmother, Vada, the line explores Victorian and vintage-inspired pieces to create modern heirlooms for the 21st Century.

Art, nature, music and spirituality collide in The Wood's designs, particularly in this brass sun dial. Sisters Shawn Hecox and Samantha Hitchcock love juxtapositions and incorporate vintage and modern elements into their designs. Layering and mixing is encouraging.

Designer Eli Halili is as beguiling as he is talented. Born in Israel and currently living in Los Angeles, Eli draws upon references to the Old City of Jerusalem and ancient artisanal - their cultures, archeology and artifacts all serve as opportunity for the confluence of old and new in this Halili's pieces.

Austin-based jewelry designer Nak Armstrong is a beloved fixture in the capital city, a CFDA award winning designer with a background in architecture, Armstrong's pieces are iconic for their construction and innovative stone-setting techniques.

Little else feels as classic, as elegant, as James Bond-level luxurious as a vintage watch. Founded by vintage watch connoisseur Carl Cohen, Veralet sources timepieces from the 50s to the 90s and from quintessential brands, including Rolex and Cartier.