· By Albert Mendez

A view into the world of Collectiva Concepción


the world of COLLECTIVA

Our AW/20 collection was inspired in the
artisanal process itself and the hands behind
 these treasures that last for generations.

01 - Toiles and sample garments waiting to be fitted in our Mexico City atelier.

02 -
When we moved into our Mexico City office, we had plans to redecorate the space. The walls were stripped down and ready to paint, and when we saw them, we fell in love with the patina of the unfinished plaster. We decided to leave them unfinished as a reminder that imperfection can add color and texture to life.

03 -
Color samples for our embroidery development. We look through hundreds of samples in order to find the perfect colors and the perfect balance for our collection.

04 -
Don Moi has worked with us for many years. Here, he is hard at work behind the cutting table. He is also a deshilado technique expert and has helped train some of our artisans.

05 -
We develop our own fabric designs in Patzcuaro, Michoacán. These are developments for our pedal loom fabric for the SS21 collection.  It is entirely made by hand by male artisans who work the loom with their hands and feet in rhythmic, dance-like movements to create the textile.

The fabric of this dress is waist loomed, made in the community of Venustiano Carranza, Chiapas where we work hand-in-hand with master artisans to create our unique designs. The loom itself is made of sticks, rope and a strap that is worn around the weaver's waist and can be set up almost anywhere. It takes 5 artisans approximately one month to make the fabric of this dress. The diamond pattern is a symbol of renewal and represents the different layers of the earth. To us, this is the ultimate luxury! 

06 -
The Carla dress is the perfect combination of exquisite artisanal works and an easy, feminine silhouette.