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Nick Simonite Texas Landscapes

Posted by Jackie Rangel on

You might have noticed the beautiful photographs gracing our Lamar store windows these past few weeks. These stunning Texas landscapes were captured by local photographer and friend of ByGeorge, Nick Simonite.

We caught up with Nick for the scoop behind these photos, plus what inspires his eye.

ByGeorge: First of all, these images are beautiful and capture an expansive Texas sensibility. Where were these two photographs taken?
Nick Simonite: West, Texas and the Gila National Forest

BG: How did you get started with photography – when/why did you first pick up a camera?
NS: Photography has always been part of my life. My mother is a photography professor and my older brother is a cinematographer. My parent's built a darkroom in our family home, which I spent a lot of time in during high school.

BG: When composing your shots, what tends to catch your eye?
NS: Landscapes tend to catch my eye, but it's hard to pin down exactly what interests visually. I tend to be drawn to the early morning and sunset.

BG: Where do you go around Austin for creative inspiration?
NS: I’m fortunate to have an amazingly talented group of friends and colleagues in Austin that I look up to and am continually inspired by.

BG:Have images ever revealed things that you didn’t initially notice when shooting?
NS: Absolutely, some of my favorite photos are those that I overlooked for years.

BG: With most of your days spent on shoots, what is your go-to uniform?
NS: 99% of the time you'll only catch me in black jeans (Acne Studios), button-ups (Rag & Bone), and t-shirts (Steven Alan).

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