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Posted by Jackie Rangel on

The term “dosa” means a number of things to fashion designer Christina Kim.  Her mother was nicknamed “dosa” by her American work colleagues, following their move from South Korea to the United States in 1971.  “Dosa” is the Korean word for sage or expert, and this endearing term found it’s way into Christina’s life once again, when she and her mother decided to name their fashion line in 1984.

dosa shirt

Despite using traditional methods for textiles, Christina has certainly avoided the traditional route in the fashion industry.  An artist would be an appropriate description of Kim, who avoids fashion shows, and only creates collections once a year.  It is apparent that Christina follows her heart artistically, but consciously as well.  Her involvement with organizations like Women Weave Charitable Trust and the emphasis she places on using recyclable materials when possible, are just two examples of the global consciousness that you will find at dosa.  


Seeking to work with traditional craftspeople in developing countries, “dosa” once again revealed itself through Christina’s various trips to and from Southern India.  Also the name of a popular food made from lentil and rice, dosa {brand, not food} was well received from local artisans, due to the association of the term.


2014 marks the 30th Anniversary of dosa, and to mark this event, Christina asked a small selection of dosa's most longstanding customers and fans to send in their favorite pieces for recreation.  This year, dosa has reproduced many of their "classics."  This exciting milestone has resurrected some of our favorite dosa pieces.


We consider it a privilege to have carried dosa at By George for over 20 years, and we are excited to share Christina’s story with Austin.  Although it is clear that the word “dosa” holds a special place with the brand’s founder/designer, it has come to hold a special meaning in the By George family as well!