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dosa | Eco-Chic Fashion

Posted by Jackie Rangel on

Perfecting the art of eco-chic fashion, dosa designer Christina Kim knows how to create beautiful pieces while using her craft to better the world. While advocating fair labor practices, she is also a supporter of workers in the clothing production process, creating lasting relationships with artisans spanning the globe. One could say she’s a mover, a shaker and a thinker, but one thing is for sure: she’s making an impact. We’re excited to welcome Christina and her designs to the By George Flagship location on April 17th and 18th, so mark your calendars now! 

7 Inspiring Things You Should Know About Christina Kim

1. Christina is originally from Seoul, Korea.

She moved to the US when she was 15, and worked with her mother on the dosa clothing label where she learned about handcrafted materials and textiles.

2. She studied art before becoming a designer and has artwork displayed across the world.

Christina doesn’t see a distinction between clothes and art, and perceives clothing design as a way to express her personal values. Recently she created a 300 square meter curtain made out of recycled festival billboards, film footage and DVDs at the Berlin Film Festival. If that’s not cool enough, she also has an exhibition of dosa recycling projects at the University of Bologna, has a housewares line and was a finalist for the Smithsonian’s National Design Award.

3. Her process is as important as the finished garment.

After taking over the dosa factory, Christina realized how much time was spent making garments. She claims that you enhance the product during the initial sample making process, presenting handcrafting ideas as you go.

4. Christina works with SEWA (Self-Employed Women’s Association).

SEWA is a trade organization from India encouraging full employment of women workers. Fifty to 200 women work with dosa on embroidery, weaving or fabric dying projects.

5. Christina handcrafted a shawl for Michelle Obama.

She was commissioned to produce a shawl symbolic of the coming together of two cultures as a gift from Michelle Obama to the First Lady of Korea.

6. Strongly influenced by travel.

Christina travels a lot and usually alone to observe the “beauty in everyday life.” The textures and colors that she documents inspire her work. She also supports artisans from around the world creates friendships with local craftsmen.

7. Christina collaborated with Alice Waters and Heath Ceramics to build a line of Chez Panisse Ceramics.

Growing out of a shared appreciation for craftsmanship and beauty in natural ingredients, the collection was designed for Alice Waters’ Chez Panisse restaurant and a portion of the sales are donated to Waters’ Edible Schoolyard Project.  

Meet Christina Kim from 11am - 6pm on Thursday, April 17 and Friday, April 18 at the dosa trunk show at our Flagship store, where she will be available to shop and chat. The show will also feature her Beth Orduna jewelry collaboration, with 20 pieces available and more for pre-ordering.

WHERE: Flagship By George 524 N Lamar  

WHEN: April 17 & 18 11am – 6pm