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Five Things You Should Know About Shinola

Posted by Jackie Rangel on

You may have already seen Shinola's beautifully crafted watches for men and women at By George, but here are five things you may not know about this growing company.

1. There's more to Shinola than just watches—in addition to Swiss-quality watches, they also manufacture high-end bikes and leather goods

2. Made in Detroit, USA! While watches have not been a thriving American industry for decades, setting up shop in Detroit was a no brainer for Shinola given the city's long history in manufacturing as well as its newfound entrepreneurial energy and spirit.

3. Not only are their goods assembled in Detroit, it is also their intent to source as much of the materials, labor and production as possible in the United States. While some watch parts are produced in Switzerland by movement company Ronda, the final pieces are assembled in their facility. In fact, the factory is located in the Argonaut Building, the former site of the General Motors research labs.

4. Speaking of high-quality materials...All of Shinola's leather goods are made from leather produced by Horween–one of the the oldest tanneries in the country that still processes hides from their raw, cured state to finished leather.

5. Shinola officially began operations in 2011. Launching in 2013 with its 1,500-piece limited edition Runwell watch, this year the company expects to produce 45,000 watches and 2,000 bikes with big plans for growth.   From November 14th through the 17th we will offer a wide selection of all these amazing American-made Shinola items. Come by Men By George to shop and enter to win a watch and other great giveaways!