Artist Feature: Molly Burch

Interview by Brittani Lepley
Photography by Alexandra Valenti

Molly, thank you for sitting down with us!

MB: Thank y’all for having me!

You’re already having an amazing SXSW. What is the thing you’re most excited about?

MB: I live in Austin, so I’m mostly excited for the chill, cozy moments in between playing and being social. For example, I will be watching the Bachelor finale tonight. Can’t wait.

What is the most interesting thing you’ve learned this week?

MB: Lots of gossip, unfortunately. I cannot disclose.

You have plenty of talents, any “useless” ones?

MB: I feel like any talent could be useful…but if I had to pick something strange about myself, it would have to be my ability to fall asleep very early (and anywhere) and to sleep through anything…but that is useful!

What is the closest thing to real magic?

MB: Ice cream. Which shows are you most excited to catch this week? MB: I’m really pumped for the Spacebomb showcase tomorrow night at Anton’es. Excited to see Jackie Cohen, Andy Jenkins and Bedouine!

Follow Molly: @mollyjburch