Local Style: Jackie Lee Young

Interview by Brittani Lepley
Photography by Alexandra Valenti

Hey Jackie, we love your style! Tell us what inspires your colorful photography.

Mainly, I am inspired by color itself! To be absolutely truthful: I am inspired by things that are typically found in everyday life, but things that are overlooked. I’m always excited to shoot anything botanical as well!

With regards to your photography, what has been your favorite image you’ve taken to date?

I once shot the diner at the Standard Hotel in Los Angeles, it was pretty early in the morning and the whole place is empty. The design of the booths and the texturized lamps really got me, and to top it all off the entire thing is canary yellow.

You work for Bunkhouse – what is your job there? Are there any fun new projects on the horizon for you? 

I do! I am the Social Media + Photographer Manager. We are growing, and so yes, there are some new properties coming to life! I will be traveling to our Baja property in August to shoot which I’m really excited for.

 I know you’re completely head over heels for the Balenciaga bag you’re wearing in your portraits, and we don’t blame you. What brands and styles of clothing do you generally gravitate to and who makes the most appearances on your mood board for style inspo? 

The majority of my closet consists of vintage and it’s full of pieces from jumpsuits to hand painted jean jackets to several patterned suits. I always gravitate to patterns and bright primary colored clothing first, so anything from LA based Cometees to Jacquemas to vintage Versace vintage Pucci to a dress with no label, I am on the hunt for something one of a kind. I am the farthest thing from a fashion minimalist and don’t have any neutral tones in my closet.

Mood board appearances by:

Solange, 90’s Versace, Winona Ryder circa 1992, Kelsey Lu, Grace Jones, a young Yayoi Kusama

We see that you travel quite a bit, and you do an incredible job of capturing beautiful little moments. Where are you most at home when you’re on the road?

Because I work in hotels, I always feel most at home in them as I know everything about them and am really familiar with how they run. I love working in them and I love staying in them.

I’d love to hear what you do for fun here in Austin – any restaurants, swimming holes or dancehalls you’d recommend to an Austin tourist? 

• Check out a show at the Mohawk and hang out next door at Cheer Up Charlies (MUST have the burger at Arlo’s which is attached)

• Barton Springs is definitely a must!

• Check out the James Turrell Skyspace installation on UT campus

• Visit the Ellsworth Kelly Austin installation at the Blanton

• Breakaway Records is a great place to buy records

• Hotel San José lounge for happy hour