Local Style: Sam & Lauren

How did y’all meet?  Are you both from Austin? 

Lauren: Our relationships sort of serendipitously ended around the same time and we started hanging more frequently/intimately. Now 7 years later, here we are! I like to joke that I grew up on the DFW tarmac, smack-dab in the middle of the Golden Triangle in North Texas. Sam grew up in the ‘burbs of NW Houston. We both came to Austin to go to UT, though 3 years apart. 

Sam: We’ve both lived here since we graduated high school, for 15 and 12 years, respectively. We met through hanging with the same friend groups. We were buds first, which I think is essential to our easy-going relationship. Being friends first definitely helps you keep it real when the romance starts. But, I also always had a crush on Lauren since I first met her. So, I always had an agenda, you could say.

Lauren, you look amazing in Khaite and we love that SBJ jumpsuit on you, Sam!  What do you two tend towards when you’re browsing ByGeorge?

L: I tend towards comfortable, wearable basics. Generally, a pair of well-tailored pants (like Nili Lotan) that fall nicely on whatever boots I’m wearing, and a relaxed fit/boxy T-shirt or button down. I’m also all about layering, so a light denim or canvas jacket like the ones by Khaite can really pull the look together. 

S: For me, anything stripes and light easy cottons. I’m obsessed with blue and white stripes, to the point of it being a problem.  The stuff from Esby and SBJ fit my bill perfectly. Having that jumpsuit on really changed my outlook on what I can get away with. I tend to be pretty conservative in my wardrobe: button down, jeans, boots or sneakers, and that’s it. The jumpsuit changed my personality in a good way, and instilled a little playful confidence in me too.

You’re both so creative, are there any projects you have in the works that you’re excited about? 

L: I think currently our big project together is our house! We bought in fall 2017, and have since been slowly making it our own. We just got done remodeling our bathroom with the help or Josh Holstein & crew, and it looks incredible. I’ve been working independently as a designer for over a year now, and a big project for me personally that just opened is Better Half, the new concept by the Brew & Brew dudes (Matt Wright, Grady Wright, Matthew Bolick). That project was like a baby to me and I really can’t describe the feeling of everything from the space (designed by Chioco design and Lillianne Steckel), to the food & beverage program (Rich Reimbolt & Leenie Boyle), to the management (Mark Stowe) coming together to form this living thing. If you haven’t been go get yourself a biscuit (by pastry chef Jennifer Tucker).

S: I’ve been releasing DJ mixes for every sign of the Zodiac this yaer (starting with Capricorn.) It’s called Infinite Loop. Every mix begins with the end song on the previous mix. I really love the idea that our lives and the soundtracks we choose mirror a constantly morphing energy flow; nothing can be compartmentalized so easily. So, winter time for me tends to be a bit more reserved, minimal sounding, while I feel in the summer, my mixes will just be ladies belting disco tunes. I release them on Soundcloud and post the links to my Instagram.

Describe a perfect day off in Austin. 

L: Oh man, pipe dreams! I would start by going for a run around the lake, ending at Metz Park and getting a few buckets. Breakfast at Vegan Nom to fuel up for a Greenbelt romp with the pups, some sunny porch beers at Dry Creek Saloon, then get pretty and go out for some noshes and maybe a show. In bed by a reasonable hour because if I’m taking a day off, I probably definitely have to work tomorrow, haha.

S: Ha, my perfect day begins with a round of golf! I’m obsessed and don’t get to play as often as I’d like. Definitely gotta hit up Barton Springs or Deep Eddy, and then a cold beer at Pool Burger or Dry Creek Saloon. It being March, I’ve definitely got the impending summer on my mind, so anything where I can cruise on a bike in the sun and swim is perfect for me.