Local Style: Rob Baird

Interview by Brittani Lepley
Photography by Alexandra Valenti

Hey, Rob. You’re been in Austin for ten years now. How has the city changed for you in the past decade for the better?

I moved to Austin in 2009 and definitely have seen a lot of change, but I think that Austin is still retaining its identity. I really try to stay positive about the growth of this city even while sitting in traffic!

What has been the most exciting moment of your career so far?

Recording and releasing my newest record After All this past January has by far been the most rewarding moment of my career thus far. We really got to make this record on our own terms and It has recently presented me with some great opportunities that I am super excited about.

You’re playing this Saturday at the legendary Antone’s. Where has been the most exciting place to play for you as an artist?

I absolutely love playing a hometown show and the legendary Antone’s is just such a great place to play. I have always enjoyed playing shows in NYC, and plan to be back there this fall. Also, super excited about our show with Nathaniel Rateliff and The Night Sweats at Whitewater Amphitheater in New Braunfels July 6th.

Who are your major influences — did you have any idols growing up?

I have always loved the songwriting greats such as Guy Clark, Lucinda Williams, and Tom Petty. I also love the greats of the rap game, and if I am rolling around town I am more likely to be listening to Jay-Z  than Jackson Browne.

You recently released an album, After All. What was your main inspiration when writing and how does it differ from your past recordings?

After All is the first record that we were able to cut live and straight to tape which I think creates the vibe of a band playing in a room. My favorite records were made this way. As far as songwriting goes, this is the first record that I wrote every song myself and think it really displays what was going on in my life at the time it was being created.

Do you mind giving some of us non-natives some solid recommendations for summer food and activities here in Austin?

I think you must eat all the Tacos when in Austin. Veracruz, El Primo, El Tacorrido are all my favorites. Also, going for a swim at Barton Springs and/or Deep Eddy Pool is so important when it gets into the triple digits. Deep Eddy Cabaret and Pool Burger are great post swim hangs.

Tell me a little bit about your personal style and why you love coming to BG!

I really enjoyed the classics with a little twist, and ByGeorge is my favorite to place to find something unique but familiar.

You’re on the road a lot. What helps you stay focused and inspired when in between shows?

When I am home, I definitely try to get outside and enjoy this city. You will find me on my bike or on the patio at Clark’s enjoying a martini with friends. I also do a lot of yoga at Wanderlust which has really helped me in all aspects of my life.

Where can we find your music?

www.Robbairdmusic.com, Spotify, and of course Waterloo Records!

Look 1: Jacket and button down by Barena, denim by Acne Studios
Look 2: Jacket by Barena, polo shirt by The Row, denim by Acne Studios