Local Style: Maxx Delaney

Hey Maxx. You work as a copywriter for Preacher. What is the most challenging project you’ve recently worked on? 

This fourth of July we released a short documentary we worked on with a client of ours, Shinola, that followed four immigrants along their path to becoming naturalized American citizens. It was an important story to tell in a time when the word “immigrant” is getting pushed into such a singular, negative definition. We wanted to leave bias out of it and let the people tell their stories in a way that showed the diversity that lives in that word—diversity of profession and of background, driven by the same dream. It was by far the most challenging, and very well worth it. 

How are you surviving this summer heat? Any recommendations for the rest of us? 

Air conditioning, friend’s pools, friends of friend’s pools, Hamilton Pool when reserved two months in advance, public pools, Barton Springs at 8 am, and Rambler water. 

Do you have any personal projects currently in the works that you’re excited about? 

Writing in Google docs for a living can sometimes feel like imaginary work, so I try to balance it out by working with more tactile materials when I can. I’m most familiar with metal thanks to a few camps with Jack Sanders and Design Build Adventure, and have started to take some commissions on smaller projects when I have the time. 

Being a copywriter, you must enjoy a good book. What is the one book you’d recommend to everyone you meet & why? 

I just recently found out about this guy Earnest Hemingway who, as it turns out, is really good at the whole writing thing. The Sun Also Rises was a book I really couldn’t put down, so I would suggest anyone who has not read it to pick it up. I also think it’s good to have a book you read once a year. One that you particularly enjoy or one that really challenges you intellectually. Mine is The Phantom Tollbooth.

How would you describe your personal style in 5 words? 

Classic. Minimal. Quality Over Quantity. 

Voter turnout is super important to you. Tell me a little bit about your recent efforts.

I’m part of a group of people behind @TurnoutForTexas, a grassroots effort to get more Texans to the polls this midterm election. Texas is 47th in the nation in voter turnout and we can do better. We’re trying to get as many people registered to vote and ready to turn out on October 22nd, the first day of early voting. If you like to help us, join us, or just watch us from afar, look us up on Instagram and please tell all of your family and friends to vote!   

Look 1: Denim shirt by Our Legacy, white denim Jacket by Acne Blå Konst, trousers by Saturdays NYC, boots by Brunello Cucinelli, Look 2: Green sweater by Acne Studios, denim by Levi’s Vintage Clothing, sneakers by Raf Simons Adidas