LS: Chapman & Krystle

Interview by Brittani Lepley
Photography by Alexandra Valenti

I love how you two styled yourselves. What do y’all tend to wear for opening nights at Preacher Gallery? Date nights?

 Krystle: Thank you! Neither of us consider ourselves super fashionable. We definitely care about finding clothes that just make us feel great and the older we get, the more fun clothes are because we know what we like. I like to feel feminine but strong at the same time—I either am wearing something big, loose, and boxy, or something super tailored. Not much in between. For a big Preacher Gallery opening, you’ll usually find me a little overdressed because it’s an excuse to have fun. For date nights—we fit them in as often and as spontaneously as possible so it’s whatever I’m wearing that day and usually that’s jeans—which works just fine for a place like Austin.

 Chapman: I’d say the most consistent thing about my style is my color palette. Krystle teases me because everything I own is some version of muted navy/gray/green. I like a good neutral. I’m from Florida so I’m most comfortable when I’m wearing board shorts and boat shoes or anything linen. But also, I’m from Florida, so if it’s not hot I’m probably cold and wearing more (neutral) layers than you.

Chapman, you work in motion graphics and most recently had a feature in the new Jordan Peele movie Us. What have been your most memorable projects to date?

I’ve had the great pleasure to work on so many memorable projects in the past, but 2019 feels extra special so far— I love doing film work and am proud to be a part of Jordan Peele’s movie you mentioned. In commercial work this year I started off with a graphics package for the Super Bowl, then had a series of opportunities to collaborate with good friends on brands like ESPN, Google, Gatorade and the NFL Network—so I feel like I’m already having a memorable year and couldn’t be more stoked for what’s to come.

Krystle, you’re the co-founder and CEO of Preacher in town. What are some of the most exciting things Preacher has coming up? Most exciting thing you’ve been able to work on?

 Krystle: We’ve just come out of a huge season of production, so I’m excited for the recent launch campaigns for Saint Archer Beer, ESPN’s ACC Network, and Preacher’s first Super Bowl ad for SimpliSafe, as well as the latest campaign for local favorite Vital Farms and the album artwork for Black Pumas and Robert Ellis. We’ve also got some very ambitious initiatives in the works that will come to market later this summer, so I’m glad we’ve built such a strong, amazing crew to pull it off with. There’s nothing more exciting to me about Preacher than the talented, brilliant individuals I get to go to work with every day and the visionary clients we get to spread the good word about. On the Gallery side, I’m really looking forward to our April show by Jack Sanders. (to keep up with latest Gallery events, check out @preacheraustin on Instagram)

Tell me about Rigby and Theo


Well first of all, where we shot these photos is also where they go to work every day. So trying to get them to stay out of the frame was pure comedy. Rigby and Theo met when Krystle and I met. Like us, they are different in the best ways. Rigby is sweet, loyal, easygoing, and loves to swim. Theo is a mischievous and neurotic mutt who is afraid of water. They both love to inhale their food, hang out the truck windows, and go to Home Depot. They weren’t sure about one another at first, but now after over two years of learning how to share their masters, I don’t think any of us could be separated from the pack.


-What are your Austin staples for the springtime? (restaurants, swimming holes, general activities)   



As the sun starts to come out and the weather gets warmer in Austin, we’re either eating and drinking or we’re in water. Or eating and drinking in water. Chapman just built a small plunge pool in the backyard, so we are planning to spend most of our free time just staying put and making other people come over. But since we live in Travis Heights, we still end up on South Congress most evenings, enjoying the longer days and later sunsets from the bar at June’s.


-What is a plunge pool??



It’s what you call a small pool that’s more for soaking in than swimming in.  I’ve been obsessing over figuring out the best way to make a pool for people like me and my friends—folks who may not have the right property or the need for a giant pool, but who spend their summers in Austin trying to desperately chase water and cool down. I want it to be cost efficient and beautifully designed, and I started with my number one customers in mind—Krystle and Rigby. Theo doesn’t think it’s a great idea. (Follow @properplungepools on Instagram to see if it becomes more than a hobby)