Local Style: Jennifer James Wright

You’ve got a pretty impressive resume in art direction and design with Kinfolk, a gorgeous lifestyle magazine based out of Portland. You also helped bring our current website to life! Tell us what brought you to Austin and how the art and design scene differs from your experience in Portland? 

It was definitely that gravitational pull all Texans seem to feel after being away long enough. I loved Portland but finally gave in to that little voice calling me back. Since then, it’s been fascinating to see how Austin has grown and how that in turn has shifted or elevated some of the city’s past design norms. Portland as a whole has grown quickly too, which of course has its downsides, but the city is chock-full of amazing talent these days along with a steady new crop of great junior designers coming out of their local college.

One of the newer projects you’ve got on your plate is Broccoli — A Magazine for Cannabis Lovers. I’d love to hear about how the magazine started and what your role is. 

Broccoli is easily one my favorite design projects to date. The idea came about in the spring of last year. Anja Charbonneau, Kinfolk’s past Creative Director, had since left the publication and was looking to start a new project. With cannabis revving up on the West Coast, she recognized no one was really talking to women smokers, or more importantly, offering a dedicated space for their voices. So, she took the leap and decided to make a magazine specifically for that purpose. She called me up asking if I’d spearhead all of the design, and together with three other awesome ladies we launched the first publication last December. I can’t imagine a better project, editorial team, or community to be designing for. Dreaming up bizarro, twisted compositions for alien bugs and activist nuns is kind of my ultimate happy place.

Tell me more about this marijuana inspired scent you mentioned you were working on…

It’s so fun! When you think weed, it’s hard to imagine how that might actually work as a fragrance. But bring together a few experts in olfactory and cannabis and *surprise* something pretty incredible gets made. The new unisex fragrance is a collaboration between Siela and Quill and incorporates Purple Hindu Kush terpenes along with cannabis essential oil. I’m working on the packaging design right now, and it’ll make its official debut in Broccoli’s 4th issue coming this winter.

Austin is hotter than hell in the summer — what do you do for fun in this heat? 

Go to Casey’s snow cones and head for the water! My husband and I have a routine of hitting Barton Springs early on Sunday morning before it gets too crowded. I swear, jumping in first thing drops my body temp for the entire day. I call it our Sunday church. We just moved to Windsor Park. I’m looking forward to going to Bartholomew on the regular now too.

I really love the Calvin Klein trousers you wore in our shoot. Where would you be wearing these in Austin? 

That racer stripe is too good! I feel like they’re begging to be worn on an old Vespa cruising down S.Congress. Now how to make that happen…

Anything currently in the works that we should be looking out for? 

We’re cooking up some many new things for Broccoli these days — fun projects beyond just the magazine. It’s too early to share much but definitely keep an eye on @broccoli_mag in the upcoming months!