Local Style: Edson and Alexis Braafheid

Interview by Brittani Lepley

Photos by Alexandra Valenti


Can you tell me a little bit about your love story?

We were acquainted by mutual friends of ours. Alexis was a full-time student and I was on vacation years before we actually started dating. Fast forward 3/4+ years out of sight out of mind we ran into each other once again and completely hit it off, we were inseparable from that point on. We like to think the stars led us back to each other and we connected on such a deep level the second time around meeting that we just instantly became an item. And the rest is history… 7 years later.

Edson, you play for the Austin Bold FC, Austin’s pro Soccer team. How has the season been this year? What exciting things do you guys have coming up?

The beginning of the season started a bit rough for me as I was unable to be out on the field because of my visa status. But I took a lot of pride being on the sidelines encouraging and supporting the team. Since joining the team on the field there has been a lot of ups and downs but we’re doing really great, as we are in the position to head to playoffs. Austin Bold Fc also has the chance to win their first prize ever as the best team in Texas.

Where do you spend an ideal day off together as a family?

We’re big foodies. We love to go to town and try different restaurants & then take Elijah to an indoor playground/park. Then we kind of just let the day lead us to our next destination. We have become quite adventurous, so we love to scope out all that Austin has to offer.

Austin Bold Fc plays at the brand-new COTA stadium. How has that experience been so far? (As a player and a spectator)
They’ve created a really nice environment where everyone is welcome and can enjoy the game and have a good time. It’s still the first year so we’re trying to bring more awareness to the team and get more involved with community.

Edson – you played in the 2010 World Cup – incredible. Tell me how that experience was for you.

It’s every soccer players dream to play in the World Cup Finals and I was extremely humbled by the opportunity. I remember that I was very excited and seconds before going onto the field I realized that people from all over the world were watching the game. And that got me even more excited to bring the Cup home to the Netherlands. Unfortunately, we lost in the last seconds of the extra time. Obviously, it still hurts when I talk about it and realize how close I was to making history for the Netherlands. But looking back I can be very proud of the experience being part of The Dutch National Team 2010.

You both have great style. When you’re shopping at ByGeorge, what brands do you generally look out for? What keeps you coming back to us?

We both love fashion and are very mindful of the pieces that we purchase. Our wardrobes mainly consist of classic and timeless pieces with an edgy touch. Honestly when we both shop, comfort is priority. Anything stylish, comfortable and timeless is a big win for the both of us! That’s truly why we were so excited when we got aquatinted with ByGeorge because they offer the perfect combination when it comes to their selections! Brands that we like to keep an eye out for are: Acne, Jacquemus, Alexander Wang, Chloe, Vintage tees… the list goes on.


Alexis and Edson wears looks by Dries Van Noten, Loewe, Ganni, Khaite, Nili Lotan and Jacquemus.