Local Style: Brittney & Will

Meet these two-steppin cuties, seamstress & designer Brittney McMahon & photographer Will Mederski

How did you two become dance partners?

Brittany & Will: We met at The White Horse.

What is your favorite song or musician to dance to? 

B: Leo Rondeau!

W: My recommendation is Croy and the Boys, at The White Horse. At home, it’s all Roy Orbison and Patsy Cline. 

There are so many great local haunts to dance at — what’s your go-to? 

B: The White Horse or Sam’s town Point if I wanna mix it up. 

W: The White Horse… 

Describe the perfect two-step outfit:

B: Ankle length A-line skirts that flow nicely when spinning with a cropped blouse & heels. OR… cropped pant with heels. I usually wear open toe vintage heels, which is not traditional for two-step!

W: A western jacket over a pearlsnap and vest, wrangler cowboy slims & my favorite pair of boots.

Enjoy this playlist Britt and Will put together for your next two step adventure.