Local Style: Beth Hitchcock

Meet local stylist and body positive guru, Beth Hitchcock!

What is something that you’re drawn to in your day to day style and does it translate into your work aesthetic?
I love anything unique, so vintage is something I always get excited about. I customize my clothes when I can too, whether it’s changing the hem, adding a different waistband, decorating with chainstitch, etc. I think everyone should have fun with clothes. If you’re drawn to something, buy it! Even if it’s not something you would traditionally wear. If you love it, you will find a place for it. I tend to use this motto as much as I can with my work too, I like to put custom touches and design garments myself for my artists—and make things feel special.

You style for a living. What has been your most memorable job to date? 
That’s a hard question to answer, I’ve worked on so many projects that I’m proud of. Fairly recently, I styled the band Midland for the Grammys, that was a surreal experience. I had been working with the guys from an early start, so it’s been a whirlwind ride and really cool to experience with them. We went from doing our first editorial shoot together, to a year later walking the red carpet at the Grammys. Seeing my work written about in Vogue, GQ and Rolling Stone felt pretty amazing.

The body positivity movement is something that is really important to you. Tell me more about how it has changed your perspective while working in the fashion industry and how you ended up getting involved.
Body image has always been a struggle for me—and working in the fashion industry was hard in that respect when I was younger. Once I started working with brands like Lane Bryant and Eloquii, I was surrounded by women with all body types. Seeing how they loved and respected their bodies was a real turning point for me. Expectations on women’s appearances has never been higher, making it harder and harder for women to love themselves the way they are. It became really hard for me to watch young girls beating themselves up because they didn’t look a certain way. So, I decided I needed to practice what I preach and become more vocal about body image, my struggles with it and what I’ve done to overcome it, all while continuing to work in an industry that struggles with body inclusivity. I have a few passion projects I have been working on, that will be coming out soon. I will continue to work with brands that stand by that positive message and continue the conversation on body diversity. Self-love and being healthy are important—but let’s be real, trying to fit into a mold is boring anyway!

You’re from Ohio — a real midwestern girl! How are you handling Texas and what are your favorite places in Austin since moving here a year ago?
Austin was a very welcome change from NYC, which is where I lived the past 8 years prior to moving to Austin in April 2018. I just loved Austin. My first time here was two summers ago and I fell in love, I couldn’t shake it. When I finally made the leap to leave NYC, I knew Austin was the place for me. It’s a very healing city, the community here has completely changed my life. Just being here has turned me into a much more positive fun-loving person. The way the outdoors is intertwined throughout the city is very magical. The energy of the city is perfect. Some of my favorite things are taking drives through the hill country, biking to Barton Springs and smoothies from Juiceland.

Where are you off to next?
As I write this, I’m on a location shoot at a farm in rural Ohio, I’m on the road a ton. In the next month I’ll be heading to NYC for a fashion shoot as well as a shoot for my other company Private Editorial. Then from there, Nashville to style a band for their upcoming tour as well as red carpet for the Americana Fest. Next to LA for an advertising shoot—and a few little projects in Austin in between.

Pink floral gown by Giambattista Vallinecklaces by ByGeorge Vintage and Dowry

Green skirt by Brunello Cucinelli, jewelry by VADA, gold platforms by Dries Van Noten

Private Editorial: https://www.privateeditorial.com/
Portfolio: www.bethhitchcock.com
Instagram: @bethhitchcock