Interview: Harper Smith Duddy

You’re an incredibly talented and established photographer. What has been your most proud moment thus far in your career? 

I love the cover of Harpers Bazaar I did of Winnie Harlow. She was fierce and we took a leap of faith with the concept, and somehow it worked! 

How did you get started as a photographer? 

I got a degree in Photojournalism which was inspired by my high school photo classes…where I loved studying people and capturing them organically.  

Who is your favorite subject? I’m talking personally and professionally, since I think I know the answer to this one.

Well haha…I love capturing my son obviously, but I am also a huge fan of shooting my husband and his band Midland. My favorite out-of-family subject may be Texas’s very own, Sara Hiromi.

What inspired RETABLO?

I began making candles for family at Christmas and it just kinda took off from there. Once I got my ceramic studio it was GAME ON.

Tell me a little more about your process in making the candles.

As we have transitioned to the ceramic vessels the process has become much more meaningful for me…each is handmade and has a little story behind it. The vessel is hand crafted and then the wax is poured over a Milagro charm.

Do you have a favorite RETABLO scent or style? 

I love them all to be honest! The OJO is the most universally amazing one, I feel like it works in any room any time of day and really works with any season. The Suerte was created for the kitchen or bathroom, the Corazon for the living room and the Llave for the bedroom or bathroom.   

What are some of your favorite places to go on a day off in Texas? 

My backyard or Enchanted Rock…I also love climbing at CRUX gym with my Dudes…and then grabbing a taco and coffee from the Cosmic coffee food truck. A little thrift visit off North Loop…Camp Ben or Blue Hole in Wimberly. A perfect end to a day is at Roadrunners for some mini golf or Treaty Oak for music and brews.